Meanwhile I’ve been thinking about honesty

Welcome to the internet, where people sometimes do not tell the truth…

Really you say? no it can’t be true can it?

SecondLife is not unique in that people sometimes are less than sincere, but what got me thinking about honestly specifically wasn’t the lying as such, but the inability of some residents to be honest with their friends.

We have all seen it, somebody behaves badly or just does something that makes them look like a twonk but their friends don’t call them out on it, but actively encourages the behaviour, whether that means they are not really friends or just too scared to go against the crowd I don’t know.  There is a definate mob mentality here, just like in RL, and it’s difficult to stand apart, I am lucky, I do have people who call me a twat when I deserve it (which is often enough) and they don’t take offense when I do the same thing to them.  Just because you disagree with someone it doesn’t mean you hate them.

Through the forums and plurk I’ve seen content creators treated like rock gods yet they’ve mentioned it’s all insincere and basically people angling for freebies.  I’ve seen people completely misjudge a situation because their small circle of hangers on never said ‘errr actually’.

There are lot’s of things in SL I don’t like, it doesn’t mean they are bad or poor quality, they are just not my thing, so if I don’t go gaga over your latest release, it doesn’t mean I hate you, or think it’s shite.

However, there is a huge mistake a lot of people make though, they mistakenly think that being rude and nasty is honest, it’s not, its just rude and nasty.  Just because you type every obnoxious thought in your head doesn’t mean you a paragon of honesty, just that you have no ability to filter.

Would you rather someone be honest with you and call you out on your bullshit? or do you prefer being surrounded by yes men and women who think you fart rainbows?

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