Meanwhile it’s nearly the hair fair

The Hair fair starts on July 2nd, and due to it’s popularity you have to expect the usual lag, and the usual screaming eijits complaining about lag despite shedding particles and wearing a dozen or so scripted attachments.

So I wanted to show you a sneaky peek at something from the hair fair….

This is one of the many new releases for the hair fair from MiaMai, all quirky, different and fun, which is what I look for in hair these days, what I like best about them, is the hairbase is also makeup, different for all the hairs, so for those of you with limited tattoo layers, it’s especially good.

Back to the advice now….

So, to make you life easier, I thought of a few things you can do to make the hair fair a lot easier on yourself.

1) Join the demo group, demo the offerings elsewhere, then go to the fair to pick up your chosen hair

2) Detach all, and wear system clothes and a hairbase

3) Reduce your graphics settings down, and your draw distance.

4) If you see other people wearing a shitload of attachments, spraying particles and generally being fuckwits, don’t scream at them, don’t bitch, just mute them, you will then no longer try to rezz them and they are no longer a problem.  They won’t listen to you anyway.

5) Take you time, don’t expect to get in within the first couple of hours without getting booted, or expect to get into every sim involved.  It’s open for 2 weeks, so don’t panic.

Hair – MiaMai
Skin – Pink Fuel
Jacket and tie – The Sweetest Goodbye

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