Meanwhile I have been messing with windlight

But could I save the settings to my computer so I can share them? nooo!!!  I can save them to use for myself, but after trying Firestorm, Kirstens, the Official new Secondlife viewer, the old SL 1.23 viewer I have given up trying to save them.  But Strawberry Singh came to the rescue and made the file for me, so if you would like to download it you can after the cut.  All the images are RAW SL shots, and the same everything, just moving the camera around no editing at all.

Some of you may know that I usually take my pictures on location, with SL builds as a backdrop, but when I do need to take ‘studio’ shots I use this setting, and the best thing about it is you dont need anything else but your pose stand.

You rez you stand, then edit it and make it go high, out of the way of everyone, use this setting and thats it, you can take pictures at any angle, any distance and nothing will be in the way.

You can download this setting here  and if you need assistance in installing the settings please check out Strawberry Singhs very helpful tutorial


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