Meanwhile there’s a lot of new stuff

3 new things to show you today, the first being the boots by Gos

First CAMO!  Apart from being totally cool, and the usual Gos options of choosing colours for different parts, like sole and laces and seams, but the best thing about them, is the Random option, which you click and it random and they will choose all those options out of billions for you.

Second newness is the hair from Wasabi Pills, and I’m thinking about semi permanently changing to green/blue hair.

and lastly, Bewildebeest and the guillotine based jewellery, there is definately a niche for weapon/torture based jewellery and I want more!

Hair – Wasabi Pills
Skin – Atomic
Necklace – Bewildebeest
Top – Ariel 5
Short s- Gauze
Boots – Gos
Poses -Prickle

One thought on “Meanwhile there’s a lot of new stuff

  1. Deffo want those boots and the fringe of the hair is very Megan Massacre, a well known alt model. The colour suits you too 😀 I’m a bit of an advocate for coloured hair 😉

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