Meanwhile I am a niche avatar

I suppose that answers the question why every other avatar and their mother is hounded for a copy of their shape.

Anyway, moving on, I bought this Bikini @ FaMESHed today, and luckily it is 2 pieces, so I am wearing Small on top and medium on the bottom.

I’ve kind of mentioned it before, but I don’t think I’ve made myself clear, I love mesh, I love the potential for mesh, and I will have to probably wait for the deformer to get the most out of it but I do have strong feelings about the shapes used currently.  I do tweak my shape to fit stuff, always have, I am not that precious I won’t budge 5 or 10 points here and there to get the item looking good, but, and this is the big but, I have a small chest in SL, which means I am ‘niche’  because even the XXS in Standard sizing has a 30 point chest, with 0 bodyfat and virtually no muscle.  If that makes me unusual, then whoa!

Hair – Wasabi Pills
Skin – Curio
Eyes – FATEeyes
Bikini – One Bad Pixel @ faMESHed
poses – Posies
Pictures taken at Neva River

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile I am a niche avatar

  1. I’m one of those, too. Small on the top, and bigger on the bottom. I too, am willing to change the sliders slightly, but I’m not going to change so much that my avi doesn’t resemble the way I want to look.

    I have found a few designers to be dismissive of me when I have mentioned it, and I was basically told if I didn’t like it either change my shape of don’t wear mesh.

    I just hope that some realize that there is a market for separates that actually fit a wider range of avis and will work to make an outfit.

    • exactly, im not one of those screaming crazies who wont budge 5 points, i just think that there is a market for seperates, so for us ‘niche’ avatars we can choose different top halves to bottom halves

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