Meanwhile you should ignore the troll

I’m being trolled, weakly and by a complete twonk but still yay me! See this post to witness the complete idiocy of one woman, who is the poster child for ‘don’t be a big meanie head to my bestie or ill get ya’ type of internet badass.

Moving on now….. 😉

I bought the crochet dress at Collabor88 this week, it is see through, so no alpha, so make sure you demo as you will poke through if your shape isn’t right, I love it, and so I wouldn’t be a total trollop I put on a bikini underneath.

Hair – DeLa
Skin – Illusory
Dress – Nylon Outfitters @ Collabor88
Tattoo – Garden of Ku
Bikini – Boom
Eyes – FATEeyes
Poses – Everglow
Pictures taken at Neva River

10 thoughts on “Meanwhile you should ignore the troll

  1. For the record, I read and bookmarked the link you posted on my friend’s blog. You might be surprised to find that I found it to be a compelling argument, and intend to research Romani history more in the future.

    Pity that instead of posting that factual and informative information initially, you decided to be such a high-school cunt about it and gossip about and backstab my friend behind her back, and tell her, “You need to stop because someone someone might be offended”, instead of explaining to her exactly WHY someone might find the behavior offensive or hurtful.

    News flash, people still use the word “mullato” to describe people of mixed race, not realizing it derives from the word “mule”, and when I ask them, out of genuine curiosity and not an ounce of malice in my heart, I often find they didn’t and that they quickly stop without any persuasion on my part whatsoever.

    Maybe I myself am guilty of that behavior as well, and neither one of us responded in the best way. I was planning to enroll my new store in this hunt…

    …but out of respect for the views expressed in the link you provided, I will not.

    In parting, I will give you a bit of helpful advice, send the managers of that hunt the same link you posted on my friend’s blog, and then quietly STFU about it. The best thing you could do for the Romani people and fight the ignorance about them and their history is to educate, not condemn or pass judgement on those who may not have the same facts you do, and I will try to do the same.

    • ok, so speaking to Lynn about it on her blog, then plurking it to my friends without naming Lynn makes ME a cunt? wow

      so your behaviour, attacking me on my plurk, then immediately blocking me and trolling my blog is called what exactly?

      It is not my job to educate you or your friends on cultural appropriation, its the internet, there are many many places to find out that what she was doing was offensive, and the fact that I was offended by her actual words is trumped by you and her’s butthurt over getting called on it?

      • If you are not interested in educating, then why bring it up at all? To prove you’re right and someone else is wrong? To hold some inflated sense of your own moral superiority over another person? I’d honestly held out some kind of hope that you had good intentions, but simply went about it the wrong way. In fact, you seem more consumed with being right than Roma rights.

        Oh, and btw, you’re doing a great job of ignoring me, precious. 🙂

      • reading comprehension, you need some

        I said, its not my job to educate you, not i have no interest in educating you

        and please, dont pretend you were doing anything other than trolling me, because you percieve a slight on your friend

  2. Zanya. Please stop. I have asked you before privately, I am asking you again now publicly. This is childish.

    Darkley. I was not ‘butthurt’ by your criticism. Please represent me correctly. And instead of only mentioning publicly how I was offensive, also represent to your circle that I have consistently listened to you, have apologized and am making changes, in addition to asking questions and giving my genuine concerns. And sorry, I have not yet figured how to change my display name so lets please not castigate me for that as well.

    • way to ignore everything i’ve written and focus on the butthurt part, you took down posts I made and Zanya made on your blog, and you apologised that i was offended, which is not the same thing at all, its a qualified apology, i never castigated you about your name, or your sl appearance, it was about your words

      • Hmmm…. posts are restored, I didn’t think they added to the meat of the discussion and actually detracted from it but if it makes everyone happy, they are restored.

        Secondly, I never said you castigated me, but I was castigated in your Plurk by a number of people. Not the same thing at all.

        I apologized that I offended you, yes, and asked you to explain. I stopped what I was doing that was offensive to your people and will soon take down the stories…. so…. I am done.

        Thank you for the link, and your concern.

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