Meanwhile the answer is written all over my face

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days you will know theres been a result in the Curio/Hush situation.  It may not be the solution you wanted, but it’s done, and as you can see from my instantly recognisable curio face, you know how I feel about it.


Moving on, I wanted to show you one of the new releases from Bilo, which is this dress, which goes perfectly with what I wanted to look like right now, red, mesh and a little bit saucy. 😉


finally, I wanted to show you my new ears from Aitui, I still need to tweak them a little, to match them perfectly, but I’m chuffed as nuts with them, plus I needed help to work out the hud and Aitui were fantastic, you go to their website raise a ticket and they get back to you so fast, it’s very professional.


Hair – Truth
Skin – Curio
Eyes – Mayfly
Ears – Aitui
Tattoo – Legenda
Dress – Bilo
Boots – L&B
Poses  – Tutti Frutti
Pictures taken at Cape of Ruin

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