Meanwhile welcome to surburbia….

Welcome to surburbia! where everyone is happy and neighbourly or something…


Baking cookies and whatnot…

So, I was looking for some new hair, and got hold of this one from Chemistry, they only have a few styles as yet but I think they have great potential, its mesh (only mesh these days darlinks)


Also, yet another dress from DRBC, and yes I did buy them so ner 😛


Hair – Chemistry | Vines
Skin – Curio | Party Girl
Piercing – KoWp | reverse
Necklace – Bewildebeest | Guillotine (come back Coyo)
Dress – DRBC/Deathrocker Betty Crocker | beloved tartan marilyn dress
Tattoo – Mortality | Miss Fortune
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard | Moody vamp
Shoes – N-Core | Caresse
Poses – Tutti Frutti
Pictures taken at Aleksandr

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