Meanwhile in an idyllic past that never existed..

oh, the past, people always think things were ‘better’ and ‘kids these days are xxx’ etc, it even happens on the internet, and SL, where the oldbies hark back to the days when everyone was lovely and SL is getting worse, plurk is getting meaner, and people don’t treat you like they used to.


Except it’s not true, none of it, the past is the same as today, as bad and as good as always, people can be shitbags, people can be lovely, you only notice the bastards when it’s you and yours that are in the firing line, convienently forgetting all the times you were either a part of a pile on gang or stood by and was silent while your BFF attacked people for no reason.


Newish releases from Miel and Wasabi Pills, and yes, its a boys hair, but no what? I likes it.


Hair – Wasabi Pills | Dean
Skin – Curio | Downtown
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard | Moody Vamp
Freckles – VCD
Ears – Aitui
Tattoo – Legenda | Vintage tattoo
Top – Miel
Piercing – Ellabella | Beaumont
Skirt – Insanya | Ruby skirt and leggings
Boots – Miel
Necklace – Grasp | Group Gift
Poses – Juxtapose

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