Meanwhile I have issues

SL issues, I have been having trouble rezzing completely lately, always slightly unrezzed and also when I put some clothes on the old ones reappear and the new ones wont rez, its infuriating.


But what I wanted to show you today was a new release from Adam n Eve, Shelby skin, shown here in the 2nd lightest tone and new hair from Wasabi Pills


What I like about Adam n Eve skins is the variety, you get cleavage enhancers, dehancers, freckles and dimples, plus no nail options and hairbases and eyebrows.


Hair – Wasabi Pills | Fay
Skin – Adam N Eve | Shelby T2
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard | Light sensitive
Top – Deetalez | Sheer cotton body
Jeans – Fashionably dead | Hand Drawn Skinny jeans @ Collabor88
Shoes – Gos | Sophia
Poses – Posies
Pictures taken at Macbeth

6 thoughts on “Meanwhile I have issues

  1. I have SL troubles on occasions like you describe; as far as I can work it out seems to be caused by slow internet probably because too many users online grabbing at the bandwidth.

  2. Welcome to the world of modeling. Try removing your old clothing before you put on the new. There is also at least one Linden location you can go to rez. You can rebake your textures to get you to rez completely when you’re a bit out of focus.

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