Meanwhile you can never leave

I finally, finally managed to sneak into The Arcade today, after trying for days, saw Cajsa there who couldn’t leave (took 5 attempts) and after I did my initial scout I couldn’t get out either, it’s like Hotel California in there.


Anyway, I played about 6 machines, got 2 rares, so yay me.


Also in my new improved blog I am adding SLurls and pictures to all the locations I use in my ‘Places in SL’ tab, go look… go on, it’s right above here, go on now look.



Hair – Truth | Video Games @ The Arcade (Rare)
Skin – Glam Affair | Luria 15 @ The Arcade (Rare)
Top – LpD (part of a dress)
Skirt – The Sea Hole | Loretta Dress @ The Arcade
Shoes – Gos | Buckle Ballet flats
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer | Wild bee @ The Arcade
Eyes and eyeliner – Dead Apples
Poses – Everglow
Pictures taken at Ode
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2 thoughts on “Meanwhile you can never leave

    • yep, took me 3 tries, that explains why people can’t get in, half of sl are stuck inside going ‘let me out!’ and the other half are stuck outside going ‘let me in!’

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