Meanwhile I have some advice for you

Flickr…. a lot of us use it, but I have noticed some behaviour lately with using flickr, now, we all want billions of views and everyone to favourite our pictures, commenting and posting wierd sparkly myspace type gifs on them (er no, not really).  However there is some basic etiquette of how to achieve that, and how not to achieve that.

there be dragons

Firstly though, HERE BE DRAGONS


There are lot’s of ways to optimise your flickr, you can use tags to describe what you’ve used, so if anyone is searching flickr for ‘Wilds of Organica’ my images can be found, there is also the People tab…. now, the only person in my pictures here are me, so why would I tag Aki (Wilds of Organica creator) she ain’t in this pic, plus, if I do tag her it will appear on her recent activity, and for some creators that means 100s of ‘you were tagged in XXXX’ spam, which is obnoxious.

You can also use groups, relevant active SL flickr groups to add your pictures to, where people will click if they like what they see.

here be dragons

Dragon avatar – Wilds of Organica | Tiny dragon @ The Arcade
Pictures taken at Sylvhara Celume

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