Meanwhile it’s a fine day*

A new months and lot’s of new things, and I’ve been away for a week so I need to catch up with myself

fine day 2

So, new releases now from Flux, PXL and Wasabi Pills

fine day

So first up, new releases at this months FLUX event, which has a tiki beach type kitch theme.  Another new hair from wasabi pills, which has a HUD so you can change the hairband, I do like a short hair that I can show my ears off with.

fine day 3

Finally, new skin from PXL, now a lot of skinners have started to get smart and utilise the tattoo layers, and PXL have in the pack different chest options!!!!! plus freckles, lipglosses, eyeshadows and im just so happy – heres the actual proper info though…..

5 eyebrow colors on Tattoo: Light , Medium (embedded on the skin), Blonde, Red & Dark
Eyebrow eraser tattoo
Freckles and no freckles face option
Enhanced Face version
Nails eraser gloves
Breast size C1 (small) and C3 (pushup) on tattoo layer and undershirt
Lip Gloss Tattoo (3 types)
Moles in 3 shades

fine day 4

Hair – Wasabi Pills | Claudette
Skin – PXL | Jade
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard | Tropical Brights
Ears – Mandala
Necklace – DDD | Kitch Flamingo Pendant @ FLUX
Top and skirt – KoKoLoRes | Beachin’ @ FLUX
Poses – Pretense
Pictures taken at Salt Water

* People open windows
They leave their houses
Just want a short walk


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