Meanwhile its just too bright

Sometimes in the winter its really bright outside, sunglasses bright, but you feel like such a numpty wearing sunglasses in January


But I can do whatever I damn well like in SL, there’s people wandering around in bikinis so I’ll wear my sunglasses


I think this is my last non-mesh hair in my inventory, it still looks good, and there is a shortage of short hair in SL, and although I do buy mens hair, some of it is just ugly, so I want short close to the ears sexy hair!


Hair – Rawhouse | Sorcha
Skin- Birdy | Blair
Eyes – Mayfly
Hands – Slink
Nails – Nailed it
Ears – Mandala
Earrings – Hod | Downward spiral
Glasses – SORGO | Issa
Coat – XIAJ | Jaix
Trousers – The Plastik | Cestus
Shoes – Baiastice | Ellen
Poses – Pretense
Pictures taken at Paradise of Eden

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