Meanwhile I am not a troll

I just happen to be hanging about under a bridge, no need to read into that.


Also, If I happen to take a different point of view on something, that doesn’t make me a troll either, I just don’t agree with you.  I think that’s an important distinction to make.



I wanted to show this dress, from Tuty, latex, but kind of smart, 2 colour options in each pack, a white top or a black top version.  The only downside is that its invisible inside, as you can see from the collar, so I couldn’t do any sit down poses with it 😦


Hair – Tram | C407
Skin – Glam Affair
ears – Mandala
Earrings – Addiction | Serenity
Hands and feet – slink
Nails – Nailed it
Dress – Tuty | Latex pencil dress
Shoes – Hucci | Houlton Pumps

One thought on “Meanwhile I am not a troll

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