Meanwhile I moved on

I liked my Linden home, I like the idea of Linden homes, I do admit they need updating, the choices are dated but I had fun in mine.  Now it’s time I moved on, and got somewhere prettier, with a view.  I have had mainland before, rented mainland but this is my first time renting private estates.

new home

Picture heavy post under the cut.

new home 2

I kept my furniture from Bazar, my living room and bedroom sets, theres still prims to play with so I need to add more.

new home 3

I bought this dining set form LAQ decor, and it has loads of animations, colour options and table settings, low LI too.  Yes, my neighbour has a giant dragon, I am unclear on what’s going on out there.

new home 4

The house itself is from Trompe Loeil, and its perfect for me, not too big, not boxy, 3 rooms, nice angles and the windows have optional blind on the inside or outside, so I have them on outside, but inside I left them open,

new home 5

This is another room, I don’t know what to do with it yet, its small, so maybe an office? suggestions welcome, slurls or marketplace very welcome.

new home 6

The house has deck, and works best on a split level bit of land, so I lowered the sand down so I have a nice drop into the water.

new home7

Palm trees from Organica, there are around 6 options of trees, clumps, low, high, skinny, fat and drooping.

new home 8

So in honour I’m riding a white horse down the beach at sunset, all romantic like……

new home 9

Kind of.

Hair – Wasabi Pills : Lisa
Skin – Glam Affair : Mokatana
Trousers – Ducknipple
Boots – Fashionable Dead : Bossy Boots
House – Trompe Loeil – Beach Bungalow
Living room set – Bazar – Floria
Bedroom set – Bazar – Toronto
Outdoors Chair – Lisp : Adirondack Chairs
Dining table and chairs – LAQ – Dinner Table
Trees – Organica – Palm Trees
Horse! – Culprit Quarter horse Dapple Grey  @ The Mens Department

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