Meanwhile it’s a new dawn*

Hello and welcome to a brand new me, well, not quite, but close enough, had a cathartic moment over the weekend and I feel great.  Also fingers crossed fitted mesh means I can have clothes that actually fit my bosoms.

new dawn

New round of collabor88 is now open, and this dress and boots are available from collabor88, both come in a wide range of colours, I always show off the white though, so you can see the detail clearly.



Meanwhile looking ahead

Lifes too short to look behind you


As someone who likes to keep their inventory a reasonable size, I love it when items come with a hud to change them, rather than a zoen things in 1 box, so these shoes by Hucci are perfect, dozens of options only 4 things in the box


Meanwhile I don’t have a scorched earth policy

Before you press that little red button that destroys everyone and everything take a deep breath.


It’s a hudtastic post today, pretty much everything comes with a HUD, the Shoes, by Hucci, where you can change things like the colour of the sole, or the hair by Wasabi Pills with its colour change hairband, and the dress from Baiastice wear the colour you buy is the main dress, and you colour change the undershirt.


Meanwhile time to take it down a notch

and just chill, everyone is so het up lately.


and whoa, look at these trousers, I need more cuff options with mesh trousers, it’s so hard to fit mesh shoes/boots with some trousers.


Meanwhile I am not a hobbit

I’d rather be an elf, for 2 reasons, 1) hairy feet, no thanks and 2) elfs are snooty and I kind of want to be a bit snooty

not a hobbit

I am so going to get my moneys worth out of these new ears from Mandala