Meanwhile I have moved….

Hello lovely people, I have now moved my blog over to a new one it’s called Meanwhile in Second Life and I have carried on with a lot of my themes, but I wanted to move on, grow up etc, hopefully I’ll see you over there



Meanwhile it’s not easy being green

I like green, I know a lot of people don’t but I wear a lot in RL and apart from my usual White, wear it a lot in SL too.

and I also found my new favourite eyes…..


Meanwhile I moved on

I liked my Linden home, I like the idea of Linden homes, I do admit they need updating, the choices are dated but I had fun in mine.  Now it’s time I moved on, and got somewhere prettier, with a view.  I have had mainland before, rented mainland but this is my first time renting private estates.

new home

Picture heavy post under the cut.


Meanwhile all the undies you will ever need

Sissy from Baiastice has been a very busy bee, and created pretty much all the mesh undies you will ever need


This one, called Orly comes in various colours and each one has a opaque top ^ and a see through version under the cut.


Meanwhile maybe we should go for a drive

Because tp’ing just ain’t working for me right now, come on SL sort it out.


New round of collabor88 and loads of cool stuff to buy, Ison consistently produce quality stuff, and also bonus for me don’t do the massive knocker thing